Improve with Others — Challenge Friends to put their Money where their Mouth is

Make & join accountability groups to stay accountable with friends, gym pals, and loved ones in what you do together. Didn't do what they said they will? They pay you.

1. Log a photo to prove you’ve done the group activity.

Any photo that serves as evidence you've completed your check in will do. If your group's activity is to complete a workout, you can take a screenshot of your nike run app, or a selfie with your gym's logo in it.

2. View what others in the group logged, and remind those who haven’t to check in before the week is over.

Those who don't complete their check in by the end of the week pay their swear jar fee to the group pot. Your swear jar fee is the amount you deem worthy for letting the group down and taking a cheat week. Don't worry, even if you take a cheat week you will still get paid alongside everyone else.

3. Those who checked in get paid each month from the pot, similar to a monthly paycheck.

At the end of every month the group pot is split among the members of the group. This is your reward for your hard work. The bigger the group, the bigger the pot that you're paid from.

Backed by
Proven Science


Studies show you are ~95% more likely to stick to your goals with accountability partners.

Research by American Society of Training & Development
Research done by the American Society of Training & Development found reliably that human ability to complete a goal spikes to 65% by commiting to another person, and an average of 95% when there are specific accountability checkups.
American Society of Training and Development

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